Find the problem and stop fiddling with the symptoms

What’s the first thing you do when you measure your blood pressure and its higher than normal? As a matter of fact, blood pressure usually rises a few points just at the thought of measuring it. So what’s the usual routine? Change your diet? Buy a membership at the gym? Reduce your salt intake? The usual ‘full nine yards’?

While all these measures are great in themselves, and without taking anything from them, why don’t we take a few steps back and take another look at our response to this killer that affects almost half of all adults in the United States.

Designed to Perfection

Humans are a perfect design feat by God (Yes, I believe Man was designed by a creator God in His image and after His likeness). The human body is just too perfect to be some product of randomized variables. Clumps of cell divide over the course of nine months to produce this prestine being that has been able to conquer everything within its immediate environment, and has even began to explore frontiers beyond.

Some of those cells divide to form the organ known as the heart. The centre of this living being. From as early as six weeks after conception, while still in the womb, the heart begins to beat rhythmically and non-stop, pumping blood to every other part of the body. To an extent, we can say the heart is self sustaining,  starting its work even before other organs in the body are fully developed.

Investigate First

So when this intricate piece of genetic engineering starts to fail, it sends out information the best way it can. You have headaches, you get dizzy, you can’t sleep properly, easily fatigued and confused. You go to the doctor and all these data are processed with a blood pressure monitor and you’re told your blood pressure is high. BUT, STOP RIGHT THERE.


Now, I know the first instinct is to begin treating these symptoms of high blood pressure, however the problem with this approach is that if treated, and the cause is not discovered and eliminated, there will almost always be a relapse as almost anyone who has treated high blood pressure will tell you is usually the case.

So the first step in treatment should be an ‘investigation’, and this step must be done actively, not passively. You must be determined to find out exactly what happened and take steps to reverse it. You can do this simultaneously while taking treatment, but without the investigation, you’ll be on that treatment for a long, long time as it is with millions of people all around the world.

Like a wise man once said, “When the purpose for a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable”. Yes, our modern day lifestyle has had its impact on our bodies, and the engine that carries that body, the heart. We seem not to understand that just as any device we buy comes with a user manual and a warranty card, our heart has a ‘manual’ and a ‘warranty card’. However the violation of this warranty comes with dire consequences. So let’s investigate why we may be suffering from High Blood Pressure.

It is vain for you to rise up early and to stay up late.

The last 30 years have seemed like a century or more. So much advancement in science, technology and everything else. We went from Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40, to Forbes 30 under 30, and now Wise’ 20 under 20. More like zero to a hundred in 3 seconds. The heart was not built for that kind of pressure. What this translates to is ‘spending your health’ to get money, and then turning around to spend the money to get back your health. Its a zero sum game that makes absolutely no sense. This scenario is so wide spread and has become almost a culture in the United States. The effect on our heart is really not worth it.


Our lifestyles over the past 40 years have succeeded in making us the loneliest generation despite a growing population. Our loneliness has driven us to become addictive to screens in a bid to fill that void that only a truly loving relationship can give us. As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. We were meant for each other, and not necessarily as man and wife, rather primarily for the companionship. In loneliness, the rhythm of the heart is affected so badly and that’s why the worst punishment an inmate can get is the solitary confinement. It actually drives people crazy and affects the heart even more. Nowadays, what we have is mental confinement. Our jobs and lifestyles stop us from making meaningful relationships which the heart literally yearns for. Rather, we substitute it with superficial relationships that are based on selfish wants instead of mutual love and respect.

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